The Remus Way Children's Centre program is under pinned by the principles, practices and outcomes of the National Early Years Learning Framework, as well as the ECA Code of Ethics and the National Quality Standard.

We are committed to working in partnership with families to support them in their parenting role. We believe that through developing trusting relationships we are able to support and empower families. We aim to achieve this by: -

• Valuing each child

• Valuing each other’s knowledge of the child

• Valuing each other’s contributions and roles in the child’s life

• Fostering open respectful communication between parents and educators by planning   opportunities for both formal and informal discussions and information sharing

• Engaging in shared decision making

• Ensuring families experience a sense of belonging and feel safe and welcome in our   community

• Accessing external family support services and networking families to these services   when required

• Providing training opportunities to parents to foster and support their parenting skills.


We ensure that through child centred practice we provide a nurturing environment where children can be cared for and educated safely, providing play based programs that will foster their interests, strengths and individual developmental needs. We aim to achieve this by: -

• Ensuring children experience a sense of belonging and feel safe and welcome in our   community.

• Ensuring our programs are inclusive and foster a strong sense of identity by valuing   culture, diversity and ability.

• Providing inviting and nurturing learning environments which allow children to make   choices and use a variety of materials and resources to foster their ongoing learning   and development.

• Supporting the development of a positive self esteem in children by building strong,   secure, nurturing elationships with educators, whereby children experience a sense of   acceptance and success.  

• Supporting children in their ability to self regulate their own behaviour, manage their   emotions and to assert their rights, while acknowledging and respecting the rights of   others.


Provide Early Childhood educators with a supportive working environment, which enables them to successfully carry out their roles and responsibilities, whilst encouraging personal and professional growth and development. We aim to achieve this by: -

• Ensuring that educators feel a strong sense of belonging within our community

• Fostering open communication between educators, the centre co-ordinator and the   committee of management, to build trust and respect

• Building a strong reliable team who are able to mentor, motivate and support one   another.

• Recognising that each individual educator has diverse needs, interest, skills,   knowledge and experience to contribute.

• Providing training and professional development opportunities for all educators, to   encourage their ongoing learning. We will support educators who wish to gain further   tertiary qualifications in the early childhood field.

• Conducting performance appraisals to provide educators with feed back, and together    producing a professional and personal development plan.



Parent & Staff consultation 2011

Belonging, Being & Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia 2009

ECA- Code of Ethics

Consultation with Lady Gowrie Support and Advice Line

Adopted: September 2011 


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